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Avoid These Topics on Your Company Blog

Avoid These Topics on Your Company Blog

Company blogs are a tremendously valuable tool for businesses to communicate with customers. Blogs allow businesses to announce promotions, share company news, and inform their customers of industry trends. Company blogs are a perfect medium for providing customer access to information that may not require an entire section on a company website.  In simple terms, if company website content is a meal for customers, then company blog content should be a tasty snack. While company blogs offer an opportunity to share helpful and insightful morsels to a customer base, they shouldn’t alienate or incite that same customer base by posting topics that should be avoided.

4 Topics Your Company Blog Should Avoid:


Religion is an intensely personal issue for most people, generally it’s the hottest of hot topics. And like anything white hot, don’t touch it. This principle is especially true on a company blog. If your business is not a type of religious ministry or outreach, it’s best to steer clear of posting blog content that could make a portion of your customers feel uncomfortable or at odds with your company viewpoints.


Many businesses have the desire or need to inform their customers about political debates or legislative issues that could negatively or positively affect their businesses. Politicians are always looking to align their campaigns with local small-businesses in their voting districts. But for every political debate, legislative issue, or political candidate running for office, there are supporters and those who feel the opposite. Most likely  your customers will reside in both camps. Sure, you may have a general idea on which side you think most of your customers will support, but why take the risk? Why alienate and frustrate the customers who might feel differently?  Unless your company is actively involved in the business of politics, topics of this nature have no place on a company blog.


Everybody likes a good laugh. But unfortunately not everyone finds all jokes or humorous topics to be funny. One man’s joke could be another man’s insult. Besides, if every business was posting humorous topics to their company blog, what would we need Facebook for? It’s best to keep your company blog professional; save the jokes for your personal social media.

Money or Finance

Specifically, your company blog should avoid topics regarding your business finances. Your company profit margins, cost of goods sold, and net profit should never find their way on to your company blog. While there are appropriate scenarios in which a small business may share a particular savings for customers or maybe an announcement of a useful  piece of equipment or facility purchase, these topics should be framed for the customer. Make it relevant to your customer how your financial situation in these instances will service them. But in general, announcing to your customers, and competitors how your business is faring financially, is a bad idea.

While company blogs are a useful and beneficial platform for communicating with customers, they also hold the potential to be harmful to your business. Avoiding these topics is one important step in keeping your company blog informative, inviting and helpful in promoting your business and sharing information with your customers. The topics above all share the risk of alienating, insulting and dividing your company’s valuable customer base and should have no place on your company blog.

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by Phil Loya // Veteran webmaster with more than a decade of website experience working with organizations large and small.

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