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5 Professionals Every Successful Entrepreneur Will Count On

5 Professionals Every Successful Entrepreneur Will Count On

Entrepreneurs are often seen as individuals who achieve business success on their own. While it’s true that entrepreneurial success is driven primarily by the vision and leadership of a single person, that doesn’t mean this individual is able to accomplish their business goals entirely on their own. Even so-called solopreneurs are eventually going to depend on one or more outside professionals to lend a hand.

Here are five examples of professionals virtually every successful entrepreneur will need to rely on at some point or another:


The reasons why a business owner would need a lawyer are so numerous that it’s practically a guarantee you will be hiring one at some point during your journey as an entrepreneur. Perhaps it’s a commercial real estate lawyer to help settle a dispute with a building owner, or a patent attorney brought on in the opening stages of product development. Maybe you need a lawyer to fight a lawsuit filed against your new business. Whatever the reason, entrepreneurs big and small often come to count on lawyers to provide critical insights and expertise.

Financial Planner

The accumulation of wealth resulting from a demonstration of entrepreneurial spirit is a beautiful thing. But what are you going to do with all that cash? The options are endless, which is why most successful entrepreneurs end up turning to financial planners for help. Business leaders turn to financial planners in San Diego and similarly respected experts based in other major cities to help them make the most of their money. A good financial planner will know the right combination of money moves that best serves your situation.


While financial planners and advisors are tasked with formulating ways to make money from your existing wealth, there is still the matter of managing the money that moves in and out of the business. While there is no shortage of high functioning accounting software that entrepreneurs can use to keep track of their company’s revenue and expenses, the program you went with at the start of your venture may not be capable of scaling alongside your successful new business. It’s therefore no surprise that entrepreneurs will hire accountants to take hold of the rapidly expanding and increasingly complex system of transactions providing the lifeblood of their business. It’s simply too important of a factor to trust to automation, at least for now.

Digital Marketing Expert

As a small business venture starts to expand, the company often begins to find its true voice and settle into its authentic character. This can affect the existing marketing approach, calling for an adjustment or outright redesign. This is where a newly hired digital marketing expert comes into the picture for entrepreneurs. Rather than feel beholden to the inaugural spirit of the brand, this professional will see the business as it exists and be able to provide guidance for assembling the new phase of marketing. What’s more, this expert will be able to cut through the clutter of social media, video, SEO, and a variety of other essentials of digital marketing that entrepreneurs are often too busy to spend enough time on.


Last but not least is the humble and underappreciated assistant. Chances are you don’t call them an assistant, but rather a deputy manager,  junior administrator, or some other form of Millennial mouth polish. Whatever the designated job title, this person is who manages the nitty-gritty day-to-day goings on of your company while you’re out there nurturing relationships and exploring new leads. There’s no doubt about the fact you couldn’t do it without his or her help.

Society looks at entrepreneurs as purely self-made men and women who owe nothing to nobody. However, successful entrepreneurs will often be the first to tell you this is simply not the truth. In reality, any accomplished enterprise is bound to count on the insights and expertise of more than one person. It may be a singular vision that leads a company into the land of success, but it’s a team effort responsible for getting the caravan to its destination and beyond.

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by Rebecca Jones // Contributor to Businessing Magazine.

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